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Anyone is welcome to apply and join our waitlist at any point during the year.

For those praying for a co-op fellowship, we join you in praying that the Lord will lead you and your family EXACTLY where He would have you to be!  To join our waitlist, please complete our registration and application steps below. 

About Us...

My name is Michelle Hadian, and I have been a homeschool mom for 12 years! My kids are 18, 15, 9, 6, 4 and a toddler. Before kids, I was a 2nd grade teacher in WA State, and have a degree in Child Development. I have a passion for family, for children, for home educating, and for sweet fellowship! Co-op is a perfect place to combine all of these passions! Before moving to TN in the summer 2020, I was a part of several Christian homeschool co-ops in Washington. Our co-ops have alwasy been our closest community- the place where I cherish my growing friendships with other parents, and where my kids develop their deepest friendships.  I was not planning on starting a co-op when I moved to TN, as I was excited to move to Blount County where co-ops and homeschool opportunities abounded! We were of course dismayed to discover that most of the local co-ops were shut down for the entire school year. I was blessed to meet up with some like-minded homeschool families who also were missing co-op opportunities.  Their kids missed community, and so did the moms. Since I had experience forming a co-op in WA state, and saw a huge need here in TN (due to COVID), we decided to launch a co-op Spring 2021, and have continued ever since.

The co-op is a ministry of Truth in Love Ministry. My husband is the founder of Truth in Love Ministry, and has been a pastor for 20 years.

The day to day operations will be managed by the moms (and dads, if they wish to participate) in the co-op (ie deciding which classes will be taught, who will teach them, which students are in which classes, etc.). 

Truth in Love Ministry: www.tilministry.com 

Costs and Fees:

There is a $30 registration fee.  This fee covers our per-family costs to use this membership website, background check fees, and our ID lanyards that will be made for each parent and child.

We also have a per semester fee of $25/semester for our families. The first fee will be due 8/15/2023. The second fee will be due in January 2024. This covers our weekly fee we pay to the church for using the building, custodian costs for the building, co-op supplies, and our required liability policy we must have to meet at the church. This is a low fee because Patriot Church has blessed us by donating the building for our use! THANK YOU!

The final fees are the class fees. This will vary per class, and will be paid directly to the teachers. When you register, you will see exactly which classes are offered and what each class fee is. They range from FREE to $50/class/semester.

Application Process: (All Documents references in the Application are linked at the bottom of this page)

Note: We know that the process below is a bit lengthy and may feel like a lot of "hoops to jump through." While it will take you some time upfront to work through our process below, please know that if you join our co-op, you will reap the benefit of a fellowship of like-minded Christian families who have agreed to a common statement of faith and common practices. This will make for sweeter community for parents and children. It's worth it! :)

1. Read our Required Documents so that you know who we are, and whether we are a good fit for your family! 

2. We have a TWO STEP process for APPLICATION and REGISTRATION. Please pay close attention and fill out BOTH. The reason for this is that our homeschool-life website will not allow us to customize our registration questions, and we have certain questions we need to ask (such as agreeing to our statement of faith and acknowledging that you've read the above linked documents). We anticipate filling up quickly, and all other applications will be added to our waiting list.

NOTE: Dates below are for Fall 2023 registrations. If joining mid- year, you must complete all steps immediately to be considered for our spring term.

     a. Complete our APPLICATION Form here: https://forms.gle/jN3p95HqsRwgG9dv7

     b. Complete our REGISTRATION Form here (scroll to the bottom of this page for the embedded form)

3. New families only: Print background check authorization form here, complete, and then email to [email protected].

4. New families only: Ask 2 people who know you well (in your capacity working with children preferred, and at least one pastor or church leader if you attend church) who are NOT family to complete online references for you here right after submitting your application. Link to copy/paste and share: https://forms.gle/KNy75yTvSfb2DEQA9

5. Submit 2 or more class ideas here that you can teach (or co-teach) by May 1st for fall term. If you have several class ideas, great! Submit several! You will not necessarily offer all the ones you submit- as classes will be finalized based upon interest and registration numbers. We hope that each parent will offer to teach or co-teach at least ONE class, but we understand that not everyone is comfortable doing so, and we have other service opportunities.

Need ideas on classes to teach? You can search online for "homeschool co-op class ideas" and find endless results! Here's one website that has several great class ideas: Creative Homeschool Co-op Ideas   Here's another page of ideas: Walking by the Way

NOTE: When entering student info below, please enter the GRADE YOUR STUDENT OF YOUR STUDENT IN AUGUST 2023!

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Payment Instructions

Please pay your $30 annual membership fee here, AFTER you are approved for membership. You will then be billed the semester fee and after this payment is received and noted, you will be able to register for classes for the current semester.

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