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Raising Arrows Co-op Structure

This co-op is a ministry of Truth in Love Ministry, in partnership with Patriot Church, and will operate in a way that aligns with the beliefs and values of these ministries. 


Truth in Love Ministry is blessed to help provide leadership and a spiritual and legal covering for Raising Arrows Homeschool Fellowship. Ultimately, the elders and pastors of Truth in Love Ministry will make any final decisions that pertain to the co-op, as needed.

Michelle Hadian is the Director overseeing all daily operations of Raising Arrows. This will be done with a heart of teamwork and unity wherever possible. The Director will garner input, ideas, and group discussions, but in the end will make final decisions. However, if there is a problem internally with any of the locations, the Director may involve the leadership of Truth in Love Ministry and the team of Dad Overseers. 

Our "Serve Team" supports the Director in fulfilling co-op duties and responsibilities, and provide "wisdom in a multitude of counsel." As needed, we may add more Serve Team members. This team will facilitate all the functions of the co-op including calendars, classes, registration, scheduling, and operations.


Team of Overseers

We value the Biblical role of men as leaders of our families, and therefore have implemented a Team of Overseers which is composed of Dads from within our co-op families. Our Team of Overseers will have at least 3 Dads from our group (but not to exceed 5), who will commit to support Raising Arrows through prayer and guidance, and who will be consulted as needed when big decisions or any concerns (behavior or otherwise) require their help. While we understand that Dads may not be able to join us for our co-op days very often, their leadership and oversight is much needed. 


Moms and Dads are the heart and essence of our day to day happenings at our co-op fellowship. Each Mom (or Dad, if Dad is the participating parent) will be expected to teach and/or help facilitate during each week of our co-op. One Parent per family will serve 3 of the 4 hours, and have 1 hour as an "off hour." The 3 hours of service may be teaching, assisting in a class, or fulfilling a service position such as hall monitor, float, or security.


Financial Commitment

Our Fall 2022 our registration fee is $30 per family, and our semester fee is $25/semester. The registration fee covers our per family website fee, as well as lanyards/nametags for each family, and our background checks. The semester fee covers our insurance policy, our weekly host church fee, our website fees, etc.

Our classes may have costs associated with them, and are paid directly to the teachers. Each teacher will estimate a per-class fee for the classes s/he is teaching, and collect that fee from each of the participants in that class. Class fees should be the cost of materials plus a little buffer. For example, a writing class may have a $0 fee (because each family will purchase their writing books separately), but a cooking class may have a higher fee per term to cover groceries. The teacher will be responsible for staying within the budget of the pre-determined class fee. Each teacher will also be responsible for supplying a required supply list (if applicable) for the class (ie books needed to purchase, etc.)

This is NOT a “for profit” co-op- any fees will be only to cover our hard costs (materials, curriculum, etc).  One exception: there are some "professional" teachers who do not have children in the co-op who are providing classes. These teachers will have a per-student fee for the term which is usually higher than our parent-led classes, and participation will of course be optional.


Joining Raising Arrows Homeschool Fellowship

  • Agree to the Statement of Faith of Truth in Love Christian Ministry

  • Agree to the financial commitment of Raising Arrows Christian Fellowship

  • Read, understand, and agree to abide by the Structure, Policies, and Code of Conduct of Raising Arrows Homeschool Fellowship

  • Submit 2  reference forms - Must be completed by people who have known you at least one year. One reference, if at all possible, should be from a Pastor or Elder of your current church or a church you have attended in the past. We will email  you a link to the reference check form, which you can share with your references.

  • Submit to a criminal background check

  • Understand that each Mom or Dad is expected to serve 3 hours every week, and have one “off” hour every week (for parent fellowship time, or an hour to spend on your own for quiet time, alone time, etc.)  We each must bring our own mix of passions, interests, and creativity to offer classes that will be beneficial for our co-op. 

  • Commitment- We invest a lot of time and heart (as do our children) in growing relationships and learning together. Please do not pursue joining our homeschool fellowship unless you have the intention of staying the full spring term